The New LinkedIn for the iPad Rocks

29.04.2012 | Markkinointi | Ville Tolvanen

The New LinkedIn for the iPad Rocks

I installed the new LinkedIn on my Ipad yesterday. I didn’t expect anything but was surprised. In a very good way. The new application shows where we’re heading with social media networks. It also delivers some guidance on why the service itself might be worth its insane valuation. I think the update gave LinkedIn a totally new role and mission online.

The new version combines journalism, social ”events” and personal network ”updates”, and creates an online journal that looks very nice. Indeed. It gives social surfing a totally new perpspective. You see content from HBR and your friends at the same page. It turns ”timeline” into an online magazine that lasts as long as you have patience to follow. Very good work.

I’ve wondered for a while if Google and social media networks are really showing what they can do with their technology. The internet will definitely be more personal, socially oriented and commercially targeted. You’ll get what you’ve chosen to receive, marketing will be more focused and relevant, and you’ll be served more often via the one-click-away principle. I’m excited about the future. Passionate. The development makes me wonder if I’ll miss something that I would have liked but the ”engine” decided otherwise. Still, If I see 5000+ messages per day, I’ll miss most of it anyway. No worries, I’m sure the competition between different networks keeps them listening at the audience. And the audience is listening.

Good news from the social bubble. There’s definetely something wrong with company valuations but good things are happening. It’s not just Google, Facebook or Youtube, but all those combined together with cool devices. Ipads are changing the user experience even faster than expected and we’re happy to have it. It’s time for social media to show its power and deliver it. By making traditional media companies look stupid, they also make sure we’ll see more innovation and new services from them. Right now technology seems to bring only good news to us. That’s something the western world needs in order to solve its economical challenges.

ps. It’s time to adjust your LinkedIn settings. Check sources etc. There are hundreds of them. Choosing the right ones makes the difference.




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