Renaissance Living

27.04.2012 | Markkinointi | Ville Tolvanen

Renaissance Living

The idea behind Rome Advisors is Renaissance Living. That was also the second option for the name of the business. We’re ”Renaissance people”. I’ve always admired people with creativity, a vast variety of skills and a courage for living. People who don’t have any stigma about how they live and express themselves. People who create things. Who live for their art. Who stand behind their values. No matter what.

Digitalization requires the ability to combine business skills and new thinking. Capitalizing the new world order calls for new success recipes. New business isn’t won without strategic marketing and thinking. New success isn’t possible without visibility on the web. A successful company can’t exist without a social culture and management principles for the new era. Rapid change calls for people with a renaissance attitude. A new breed of professionals is booming. I meet art directors that have become fantasy photographers, I meet graphic designers that have truly developed their profession into an art form. I meet former controllers who are now running design businesses. I’m loving it!

Digitalization opens up a world of opportunities to us. As I’ve said before, to me, digitalization is about combining local resources with global opportunities. It takes a lot to see the web as a market. You need courage to think big enough. You need focus and effort. Guts to try hard enough. Character to not give up.

In the world of the web, the concept of ”marketing communications” is now more like ”the communication of marketing”. Marketing equals to the strategy and idea of the company. Communication equals to selling the idea of marketing. Sounds complex? Think about it. I was once asked if the mission and value proposition of a company should be one and the same thing. I said yes. If you have a true ”Think different” business idea and mission, that also becomes your promise and value proposition. The business idea in itself is the energy and force that drives the markets to open. So the role of marketing is about communicating that big idea of yours.

The internet era also generates fierce competition. Open, ”naked”, social and responsive companies that are in constant change. Those skills of a ”renaissance man” are needed – I’ll call it Renaissance Living.

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