Creating a Modern Integrated Marketing Campaign

24.04.2012 | Markkinointi | Ville Tolvanen

Creating a Modern Integrated Marketing Campaign

What is integrated marketing in 2012?

Integrated marketing in 2012 is about using your own channels, social media and supporting it all with mass media. TV and other traditional mass media have ”the best supporting role” now. Check the great case stories Chipotle and Coke.

So, what should you do now?

1. Create a modern marketing strategy for the digital era (For the sake of a fresh view, think of it this way: If you started with no funds, how would you do marketing?)

2. Think about your content strategy. How do you create a truly effective interaction with your target groups.

3. Utilize all your potential ”channels”. How is your brand visible? Can people see in the exterior of your buildings; do they experience it in the interior design; how does your brand or your story come across from the interaction your customers have with your staff? Is your brand and your story truly represented on the web?

There are more opportunities now than ever. Simultaneously, it becomes more demanding and complex to decide what the right thing to do is. Disruption is here. The role of successful marketing experts becomes more like the role of a change agent for digitalization. Start creating your modern marketing strategy today.

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